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Trees are an important part of our environment and tree care professionals can help you maintain your tree in the best way possible. At Fountain Valley Tree Care, we are committed to providing professional tree services at a reasonable cost that will be tailored to meet all of your needs.

Fountain Valley tree care has been providing tree services in Westminster for many years. Our tree service experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your trees are healthy, beautiful, and safe from any harm. Whether you need tree pruning or removal services, we can do it all! We also offer a wide range of other tree care services like fertilization to prevent disease and insect infestations.

About Fountain Valley Tree Care

Fountain Valley tree care is a tree company with many years of experience in tree service and maintenance. We are committed to providing professional tree services at reasonable costs to meet all of your needs. Whether you need tree pruning or removal, we can do it all!

We also offer fertilization to prevent disease and insect infestations, tree removal services for a number of reasons such as tree removals due to construction or dying trees, and tree trimming.

Our Tree Services in Westminster, CA

Emergency Tree Service

Since you live in Westminster, you know that trees are a vital part of life. As much as we love our trees and the shade they provide us with, there can be times when their limbs need to be trimmed or removed for safety reasons. When this happens, it’s important to hire the best tree service company around so that your trees get taken care of properly.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are tree conservation techniques that involve the installation of cables or rods around a tree’s trunk to stabilize it. Cables and rods can be installed for short-term emergency stabilization, for long-term structural support, or both. Fountain Valley Tree Care offers tree cabling and bracing services so that your tree can stay healthy.

Tree Removal

If you are a Westminster homeowner and your property is covered in trees, it’s important to understand the benefits of tree removal. Not only can trees be hazardous to health and safety but they also impact the aesthetic value of your home. Considering these factors, removing trees may seem like an extreme measure but with some careful planning, you can have a safe yard with more space for outdoor activities while maintaining an attractive facade. 

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an important tree care practice done to maintain tree health. Improper tree pruning can impact the overall appearance, safety, and longevity of a tree so it’s best not to take risks with your trees. Fountain Valley Tree Care offers professional tree trimming services that will ensure you have healthy trees for years to come!

Tree Cutting

Westminster homeowners are always looking for ways to keep their property beautiful and well-maintained. A good way to do this is by hiring a professional tree service company that can perform all of the necessary tasks. One such task, which many people overlook, is cutting down trees around your home. This can be an expensive process if you have a large house with lots of trees surrounding it. If not done properly, these trees can cause extensive damage to your property and even endanger any residents in the area.

Stump Grinding

A long-standing problem for Westminster homeowners is a tree stump left behind that never seems to go away. The little critters that call your yard home take up residence in the stump, making it an even more difficult and unattractive problem. Fountain Valley Tree Care graciously provides services to remove these unwanted stumps from your property quickly and efficiently! Call today for a free estimate on our stump grinding service.

Stump Removal

Do you have a tree stump in your backyard? Are you looking for help removing it? We can help! Fountain Valley Tree Care has been helping people remove unwanted tree stumps from their property for many years. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions that come up during the removal process and we will work with homeowners on scheduling an appointment. Contact us today at (714) 844-5277 to get started!

Areas We Serve in Fountain Valley Tree Care

Our company serves Westminster and surrounding areas, including Midway City, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Cypress, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos, Cerritos, Anaheim, Lake Wood, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. We have the quality tree care services you need to keep your tree healthy and looking good.

Hire Fountain Valley Tree Care

Do you need tree service in Westminster? If so, we hope that you will consider Fountain Valley Tree Care. We offer professional tree services including tree removal and trimming to help keep your property well-maintained. Call us today at (714) 844-5277  for a free estimate on our tree care services.

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